In order to establish the contact between the creators, developers and users of TLA+, PlusCal and the tools several techniques are used.

The TLA+ Google Group

You can use the TLA+ Google group to communicate with members of the TLA+ community, including the maintainers of the tools.  Post a message if you have a question, want to report a bug, or just want to tell us what you’re doing with TLA+. The easiest way to post a message is to send email to where x should be replaced by tlaplus.


If you are using Twitter, you can follow updates from @tlaplus.

Find a bug

If you found a bug in one of the tools, please report it to the developers via the the TLA+ Google group. If you are a developer yourself, you might also report it directly to the bug tracking of the corresponding project.


If you are a software developer and are interested in developing the TLA+ Tools or TLAPS, you are welcome to join the projects on CodePlex and help us! Your help is very welcome.